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Breast Lift - Niles-ILBreast lift is not a procedure done in a cookie-cutter fashion. It is
tailored each time to the anatomy of the patient and their wishes for size.

There are a number of variations in breast lift incision style depending on the amount of excess skin, whether an implant is going to be used and how significant is the stretching of the
skin envelope.

Sometimes, an incision around the areola is all that is needed. Sometimes, a vertical incision from the areola done in a “lollipop design” is needed and rarely an “anchor” shaped incision similar to what is done in breast reduction will

Assessment of the patient involves:
1. Evaluation of the inframammary fold.
2. The distance between the nipple and the inframammary fold.
3. The distance between the clavicle and the nipple.
4. The amount of overall stretching, skin quality and whether the patient wishes augmentation or not.

Based on all of these factors, a recommended plan of treatment is formulated.

Frequently, a drain is placed to decrease the amount of bruising and swelling and it is removed at 24 or 48 hours. Nipple sensation is preserved and the breast reaches its final shape at about two months from the surgery.

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