What is Bedroom Eyes ?

Dr.Mahklouf in the Chicago area explains his knowledge on bedroom eyes. What are bedroom eyes you asked? “Bedroom eyes” are when the upper eyelid droops down and begins to cover the colored part of the eye (iris). There can also be asymmetry between the two eyes which some people find undesirable. While this can be…Read More

Locate Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Chicago

Looking for Enhanced Form Plastic Surgery Center in Chicago ?? Our office is located in Des Plaines, Illinois not far from the Chicago land area. We are however, a 10 to 20 minute drive from a multitude of towns that surround us: Park Ridge, Morton Grove, Mount Prospect, and Niles. Because the office is in…Read More

Why I use Tummy Tuck Drains

During an Abdominoplasty procedure, the skin is separated from the fascia covering the muscles and then pulled down to remove its excess. As a result of the skin elevation a large space is created between the under surface of the skin and the muscle below. From the surgical standpoint we want the connection between the…Read More

Liquid Nose Job (Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty)

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty also know as Liquid Plasty & Liquid Nose Job In a standard rhinoplasty, changes in bony and cartilaginous structure affect changes in the appearance of the nose. Appearance of the nose with injectable material commonly known as Liquid Rhinoplasty (non-surgical rhinoplasty) and or Liquid Nose Job is particularly attractive because it does not…Read More

The Most Important Factors to Consider in Breast Augmentation

The Most Important Factors to Consider in Breast Augmentation in the Chicago area. What to Discuss During consultation for breast augmentation there are essentially three decisions that the doctor and the patient have to make: The type of implant: saline or silicone The size of the implant And whether to place the implant above the…Read More

Thinking about getting a Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Thinking about getting a Breast Augmentation Procedure? If you’ve been considering breast augmentation for a while, but not sure how to proceed, then this is a great chance to get informed.  Breast augmentation surgery can either restore breast size, or increase it altogether.  It’s a very popular surgical procedure that is frequently performed with a successful…Read More

Summer Savings Injectables Event

Summer Savings Injectables Event When: Friday, July 20th, 2018 Where: Enhanced Form Plastic Surgery 9301 Golf Rd Suite# 110 Des Plaines, IL. 60016 Map Call to schedule an appointment: (847) 297-8001   To learn more about Injectables and how we can better serve you, you can read more, here.  

Depression After Surgery

Is There Such a Thing as Depression After Surgery? You’ve done your research about a plastic surgery procedure and you are ready.  However, you’ve heard that there is such a thing as depression after surgery.  Could it be so?  Are you exempt?  How can you avoid it? When patients first come to see Dr. Makhlouf…Read More

Injectables are for Everyone…

Injectables are for Everyone In “20 Things You Never Knew About Botox”, the author defines the origins of Botilinum Toxin, commonly known as Botox.  Apparently, it was initially used to treat a muscle-related eye condition.  The patients were pleas ed that their wrinkles were less apparent.  They then realized that it could potentially have multiple…Read More

Tummy Tuck in Chicago with Dr. Makhlouf

Why a tummy tuck in Chicago, with Dr. Makhlouf?          There may be several physicians that perform tummy tuck procedures in Chicago.  The real question to ask is why a tummy tuck in Chicago, with Dr. Makhlouf?  Naturally, you have a lot of information to sift through and may even decide to confer with a friend…Read More