Liquid Nose Job (Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty)

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty also know as Liquid Plasty & Liquid Nose Job

In a standard rhinoplasty, changes in bony and cartilaginous structure affect changes in the appearance of the nose. Appearance of the nose with injectable material commonly known as Liquid Rhinoplasty (non-surgical rhinoplasty) and or Liquid Nose Job is particularly attractive because it does not involve any anesthesia, the result is immediate, the cost is low and risk is very small. There minimal swelling and bruising.

Fillers are very popular in the face and they have a very good safety record. It is only natural that they would be to used correct flaws, and many facial abnormalities including those in the nose.

A standard rhinoplasty makes changes in the bony and cartilaginous support of the nose in order to affect the final appearance. Liquid rhinoplasty creates changes in the soft tissue envelope and skin in order to affect the final appearance.

Because the skin is a tough structure it can accommodate more filling without any pain.

If there is a depression in any part of the nose it is easy to fill it with hyaluronic acid or Radiesse.

There is however a more subtle change in the visual appearance of the nose that can be done. It involves using the natural shadows to hide or promote visually one aspect of the nose. Although, it is technically easy to inject material in an area, it is the decision-making that requires artistic skills, anatomic knowledge and three dimension visualization.

As an example. In the first image we find the nose too wide. In a standard rhinoplasty to bones have to be broken in order to make the area of contact on the top narrower. Liquid rhinoplasty by adding a small amount of material on top of the flat and wide area makes the nose appear to be much thinner.

Imaging 1 shows a wide nose in its middle section. Image 2 shows the nose has been made thinner. Image #3 the two images are superimposed and it shows that the sidewalls are the same. One can appreciate the extra material needed to achieve that correction.