Depression After Surgery

Depression after surgery - Des Plaines, ILIs There Such a Thing as Depression After Surgery?

You’ve done your research about a plastic surgery procedure and you are ready.  However, you’ve heard that there is such a thing as depression after surgery.  Could it be so?  Are you exempt?  How can you avoid it?

When patients first come to see Dr. Makhlouf for their pre-op visit, he advises them not to do anything taxing for a week after the surgery.  The onset of fatigue may occur sooner than you expected, in your daily activities.  You may close your eyes sooner than you expected to.  Also, watching TV or your electronic devices may be a bit of a strain.  If you’ve had facial surgery, you may also experience some facial pain during the first couple of days.

Dr. Makhlouf advises his patients to expect some bruising, swelling, and being tired.  If none of these after affects evidence themselves, you should consider yourself one of the fortunate few.  Be prepared for the former vs. the latter.

Post Operative Care:

Before your surgery, you should consider who will take care of you post operatively?  Dr. Makhlouf advises that you should have a supportive and caring individual.  You’ll definitely require support and someone that’s considerate of your emotions and care.  Your emotional well being will vascillate, as well.  The caretaker may be affected by that.

Surgery affects each person differently.  The most common reaction is being depressed on the 3rd or 4th day.  Some patients think they may be the exception to the rule.  However three weeks later, they may have a crying bout on their way home.  Sometime near the end of the second week, the patient starts to feel good.  There’s also a day in there when they realize that they actually look magnificent.

Patients experience feedback from others, both positive and negative.  Initially, you may feel irritated because people that are now paying attention to you didn’t pay attention to you before.  It’s quite likely that this is the initial reason why got the surgery to begin with.  You want to look and feel good about yourself, and you want others to notice.  As per the Dr., patients eventually start to enjoy the extra attention.

Anyone who has cosmetic surgery has shown that they are a person of courage.  They simply expect more from themselves, now.  They’ve given up the age old excuse of, “I’m too afraid to do that.”