Tummy Tuck in Chicago with Dr. Makhlouf

WhTummy Tuck Chicago - Glenview-ILy a tummy tuck in Chicago, with Dr. Makhlouf?         

There may be several physicians that perform tummy tuck procedures in Chicago.  The real question to ask is why a tummy tuck in Chicago, with Dr. Makhlouf?  Naturally, you have a lot of information to sift through and may even decide to confer with a friend to help you make a reasonable decision.  Here are a few pointers to help you choose your plastic surgeon.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

What does it mean to be board certified?  … and why does it matter?

First of all, a physician that’s board certified is certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  It means that he/she has at least 5 years of approved surgical training, including a plastic surgery residency. Additionally this board is the only one recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) for certifying a physician in plastic and reconstructive procedures.

Furthermore, a physician can perform a procedure in his/her office, without being a plastic surgeon.  However, only a board certified plastic surgeon is able to perform a procedure at a hospital and have the necessary privileges to do so.  That’s an important point to consider if you’re about to have a procedure.  So, be sure to check if the physician is board certified.  You can see that Dr. Makhlouf is board certified, here.

Tummy Tuck Chicago - Glencoe-ILThe Umbilicus

Often, the belly button is a give-away that the person has had a procedure on the abdominal area.  You can easily identify a ring around the umbilicus, making it look like a bull’s eye.   A tummy tuck procedure with Dr. Makhlouf is not so.

Dr. Makhlouf is very concerned about the aesthetic of the umbilicus.  He does not perform the circular incision that produces a visible scar.  He has refined a technique that distracts the scar tissue and produces a natural navel with minimal scarring.  You can check out the tummy tuck photo gallery, here.  Do notice the natural look of the belly button.  This is yet another reason why you will want to have a tummy tuck in Chicago, with Dr. Makhlouf.

The Incision

The usual incision for a tummy tuck is from hipbone to hipbone.  An incision placed too high can have adverse results.  It may cause the pubic hairline to be pulled up, unnaturally, looking unnatural yet again.  Dr. Makhlouf mitigates this risk by ensuring that the scar is placed inside the pubic hair, foreseeing displacement.  Consequently, it is not overtly evident that one has had a procedure, and one can comfortably wear a desirable undergarment or bathing suit.

Muscle Tightening

Once you’ve had a baby, or several for that matter, the abdominal muscles may weaken.  This is yet another area that Dr. Makhlouf takes into consideration.  He has perfected a method that reinforces the muscle structure in both the horizontal and vertical directions.  He runs several layers of 30+ sutures to maintain structural integrity, for several layers.  This ensures the results will withstand any potential coughs or pulls, post-operatively.  Also, it maintains the results of the procedure for longer.  Shall I say, it is yet another reason to have a tummy tuck with Dr. Makhlouf.

Last Words…

If you need further assistance in finalizing your decision, please come in for a consultation.  We would be happy to assist you, and the Dr. is a wealth of knowledge in this area.  He is quite passionate about helping you fulfill your desire to restore your body and feel good about yourself.  Call us today: 847.297.8001.

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