Tummy tuck now, beach body in 6 weeks…

Tummy Tuck - Chicago-ILTummy Tuck Now, Beach Body in 6 weeks…

Consider the possibility of getting a tummy tuck now and having a beach body in 6 weeks.  Have you been trying to get rid of that extra skin that’s sagging, after giving birth to children?  Or, have you successfully lost a significant amount of weight?  In either case, kudos to you.

It’s quite possible that although you work out, you may never be able to tighten what’s been undone.  Childbirth has resulted in a little skin laxity, muscle laxity, as well as some extra unwanted fat.   If you only have a slight amount of laxity, perhaps a mini tummy tuck is sufficient for you.  The incision is smaller, however the amount of abdominal tightening is minimal, as well.  With the mini tummy tuck, only the lower abdomen’s extra skin is reduced.

With a full tummy tuck procedure, the full abdomen is under consideration.  The incision is made at the pubic hair line.  The scar is from hipbone to hipbone, and well concealed within the bikini lines.  The loose hanging skin would be removed and if necessary, liposuction would occur.

Tummy Tuck - Chicago-IL
Description: 29 year old female, 1 child, had developed significant stretch marks after her pregnancy, seeking rejuvenation of abdomen. A standard abdominoplasty was performed. Please note: the natural looking umbilicus. Pictures were taken a year after surgery.

As abdominal muscles may have been loosened by pregnancy or significant weight gain, the muscles require tightening.   Dr. Makhlouf has mastered the art of enhancing one’s figure in this manner.  For tightening during a tummy tuck, he uses special sutures that repair the muscle weakness, in both the vertical and horizontal directions.  The relevancy, here, is that when the muscles were stretched, they did so in both directions.  So, it’s important to reduce the risk of this recurring.

At our Chicago practice, Dr. Makhlouf has been performing tummy tucks for over 30 years.  He is also well known by his patients for a close to perfect post-operative belly button.  After viewing many pictures online, one patient remarked that this is notably one of the main reasons why she came to him.  He takes great care to ensure that an unnatural umbilicus is avoided.  In fact, his technique won him first place in a competition.

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Whatever your dreams of having a beach-ready body are, dreaming alone will not produce results.  You have to take action now in order to achieve your goals.  Come in for a consultation and educate yourself about your options.  The Dr. and staff are friendly and ready to assist you.  Only when you have the facts that are specific to you, can you truly make an informed decision.  We are only a phone call away: 847.297.8001.

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