Are you prone to adult acne?

Prone to Adult Acne?

Adult Acne - Niles-ILIt’s been found that adult acne in the United States is on the rise.  As per Obagi Medical, in a study of 1013 adults aged 20 years and older**:

  • 62.2% of women noted that their acne worsened around the time of menstruation
  • 13.3% of women noted that their acne worsened post adolescence

The statistics of acne in adult women:

  • 51%: 20-29 years of age
  • 35%: 30-39 years of age
  • 26%: 40-49 years of age
  • 15%: 50 years and older

Adult Acne - Skokie-IL



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**Source of statistics is Obagi Medical