Plastic Surgery Glossary

Plastic Surgery Glossary - Palatine-IL
Plastic Surgery Glossary


A corrective eyelid surgery on either the upper or lower eyelids.  The procedure removes excess fat, skin, or muscle.


Is an electrical device that generates energy denatures protein and causes them to clump together.  If applied to a blood vessel, this process seals it and prevents further bleeding.

Crow’s Feet:

The lines that fan from corner of the eyes at the junction of the upper and lower eyelid are called crow’s feet.  They are accentuated by smiling and are also called smile lines.

Glabellar Area:

The 11 lines that are formed between the eyebrows.


is a process which causes bleeding to stop.  It is achieved in the operating room either by tying the blood vessel off or coagulating it with cautery.

Nasojugal Fold:

Otherwise known as the tear trough, this is the fold that is obliquely extended from the inner corner of the eye and delineates the union between the skin of the eyelid and the skin of the cheek.

Nasolabial Fold:

This is the crease that begins at the bottom of the nose and extends to the corner of the lips.


The orbit is the bony cavity of the skull in which the eye, the muscles and the fat are located.


The Platysma is a muscle present between the deep structures of the neck like the nerves, carotid artery, trachea, etc. and the skin.


Ptosis is the droopiness of the eyelid.  It usually refers to the upper eyelid.  It can be congenital, or due to muscle weakness or separation of the muscle from its attachment in the eyelid cartilage.


is an injectable, made from calcium hydroxyapatite, a molecule found in bones and corals. Its particles are small enough to be injected and add volume to the area.