Upper Eyelid Surgery

Upper eyelid surgery

Upper Eyelid Surgery - Glenview-IL
Upper eyelid surgery is a corrective procedure that can enhance one’s life.  After all, our eyes allow us to look into the world.  Interestingly, they also allow others to read into our emotions and our physical well-being.  Sadness and joy are easily visible in the expression of the eyes.  Conversely, tiredness and aging are easily visible in our eyelids, as well.

What our patients tell us they want to see in their eyelids:

  • Smooth skin – free of any “crinkles”.
  • Eyes wide open.
  • No fat bulging in the upper or lower eyelids.
  • A platform that allows their makeup to highlight the shape and color of their eyes.

There are multiple variables that affect the perception of the size of the eyes:

  • The shape of the bony structure called the
  • The strength and the attachment of the muscles that pull and open the eyelids: the levator muscles.
  • Whether there is excess skin.


When looking in the mirror, patients frequently miss the asymmetry of their eyes.  One eye is not always identical in shape to the other.  Also frequently overlooked is the position of the eyebrows.  An eyebrow that is lower on one side creates more skin excess on that side compared to the other.

All of these factors need to be evaluated before surgery, particularly on the day of surgery when the markings are made.  The marking step is probably the most important step of the procedure and it needs to be very meticulous.

Upper Eyelid Surgery - Chicago-IL


Once the skin incision is made in the upper eyelid, the fat is addressed.  Years ago plastic surgeons would resect (trim away) the eyelid fat from the center of the lid.  Nowadays, in order to avoid a gaunt look, resection is done at the eyelid towards the nose.

Once the fat is removed, hemostasis is performed to achieve a very dry field.  Manipulation of the levator muscle is then possible at that stage.  This is called ptosis correction, a corrective procedure we will discuss separately.

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Post-Op & Healing:

Fortunately the eyelid scars are very forgiving.  Due to their location in the eyelid crease, they are not noticeable and not visible when the eyes are open.  The sutures are removed at 5-7 days.  A patient rarely takes pain medication past the first day.

Follow up appointments are made at 2 days, 5 days, 6 weeks, and 6 months.  All of these are complimentary and included in the procedure cost.

Care and maintenance is fairly simple, as well.  You can apply makeup freely after the sutures are removed.  Showering is feasible right away, but withhold swimming for 3 weeks after surgery.

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