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The ear is an organ that reaches its full size early in life. As children
develop their body image, they become aware of their protruding ears and if they
are ever teased about it, they rarely forget it.

Surgery is frequently done on children, but we have a large number of young
adults and grown up adults that request correction. When I look at the
protruding ear, there are three features to evaluate.

1. Proper folding of the ear cartilage.

2. Cupping of the ear.

3. The amount of separation of the ear from the skull.

Based on my analysis, a correction will be planned.

It takes around 45 minutes to correct each ear and it is done under local
anesthesia, sedation, or general anesthesia based on patient wishes and age.

A fluffy bandage is placed for 24 to 48 hours and later on a tennis band or a
scarf is needed for few days to protect the ear and then at night only for two

The results are visible immediately, but the ear may remain sensitive for a
couple of months. There is rarely any significant amount of pain.

Many people with prominent ears have been teased during their childhood about their ear size or the fact that they stuck out. Fortunately for many, as the head grows, the ears become less prominent and they go on with life. However, Dr Makhlouf sees a number of adult patients asking for correction, which attests to the fact that the issue remains present under the surface.

The recommendation for correcting protruding ears is that it is done before the child starts school. It is not recommended that it be done before the age of 5 as the ears are still growing.Evaluation of the deformity will determine if simply creating the missing cartilage fold will provide the needed correction or if additional surgical maneuvers such as cartilage resection or suturing the ear to the skull will be required.

For many of our patients we are able to do the procedure under local anesthesia in the office. The procedure is painless and will take 45 minutes for each ear. The incisions are made in the posterior aspect of the ear so they are invisible. Postoperative care is very minimal, two days after the surgery the bandages are removed and the ears are exposed. The only request is that for 2 months after surgery, the patient wears some type of bandana during sleep, in order to protect the ears. The results of this procedure are visible immediately. The ears may remain sensitive for a couple of months but this will not result in any significant amount of pain.

This has been a very rewarding procedure in our office both for Dr. Makhlouf and for our patients. If you are interested in an otoplasty or ear pinning surgery, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (847)297-8001.

Ear pinning surgery is performed to fix a defect in the structure of the ear present at birth. Otoplasty is the procedure that corrects a rare condition known as prominent ears. This surgery can be performed on all ages, starting as young as the age of 5.

Dr. Makhlouf has over 25 years of experience with Otoplasty and knows that you would like to have your ears in proportion to the rest of your features. Even a small change makes a big difference. It provides women the ability to have more variety in hair styles, and provides increased confidence to men.

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