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So you are planning breast augmentation—congratulations! One of the safest breast procedures in cosmetic surgery.

You will soon join hundreds of thousands of women each year who choose to enhance their figure with this safe, straightforward procedure.

Breast augmentation procedures in Chicago or Des Plaines with us is a rewarding experience. Dr. Vincent Makhlouf, a board certified plastic surgeon, is known for the results he achieves and for his compassionate, caring approach. The entire team is dedicated to helping you understand every aspect of surgery, assisting you with decisions and addressing your concerns. We are with you every step of the way.

We invite you to explore this page for breast augmentation patients. Take a look at our menus (above) and then take the next step and schedule time to come in and meet with him. Use our short online form or give us a call at 847-297-8001.

Breast Implant Surgery Chicagoland

Year after year, breast augmentation ranks number one or number two in terms of plastic surgery popularity across the country.  Today, the procedure is routine and safe, and women are almost always very pleased with the result.  Whether patients seek breast enhancement in Chicago to restore their figure after pregnancy, create the shapely look Mother Nature denied or remedy a breast problem, it is our pleasure to help.

Breasts play a key role in a woman’s self image.  Size, shape, position and other characteristics are outward signals of good health, vitality and femininity.  That is one reason thousands of patients across the country choose breast augmentation surgery each year. We can enhance a woman’s figure with fat transfer and we do offer that option when patients desire subtle change. Today, however, breast implants remain superior for creating generous curves in one straightforward procedure.

Dr. Makhlouf works with a number of different implants to create a beautiful, natural look for each individual. Developing the surgical strategy and procedures for each patient begins during the consultation.  That is when options such as implant size, projection and filling are discussed, as well as implant location and incisions.  The details are finalized during a pre-op appointment with Dr. Makhlouf. Most breast augmentation surgeries take place in an outpatient setting under general anesthesia.  We can operate with intravenous sedation as well.  A typical procedure takes 60 – 90 minutes to complete.    The procedure is safe and straightforward, especially in the hands of Dr. Vincent Makhlouf. Women can expect to experience mild to moderate discomfort during initial recovery with most reporting soreness and a feeling of tightness.  Medication is prescribed for each patient, and most find they don’t need it after a day or two.  Many of our Chicago breast augmentation patients return to work after just a week off.

Candidates and Options

Women seek breast augmentation to enhance small breasts, restore volume lost due to childbearing, correct asymmetry or address other issues.  Breast augmentation can be performed as part of a mommy makeover—usually coupled with a tummy tuck and sometimes a buttocks lift—and it can also be combined with other procedures for the right patient. Silicone breast implants are available as well as saline implants.   Read more about the advantages of each type and about the various measurements we consider in finding just the right fit.  For general questions about breast enlargement surgery, browse our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Your Consultation

When you are considering breast augmentation in Chicago or Des Plaines with Dr. Vincent Makhlouf, your initial consultation is a very important visit. We look forward to getting to know you and addressing all your questions and concerns, so we ask you to set aside enough time for an in-depth appointment. We also hope you will come with an open mind so we may discuss issues and opportunities you might not have considered. Your consultation will be an experience that is uniquely your own.

Dr. Makhlouf will ask to hear about your goals, and he will examine you, take measurements and note his observations. Then it will be time for an open, honest dialogue between the two of you about what can be accomplished. Dr. Makhlouf will explain all your options including types of implants available, size considerations, incisions, implant placement and more. His goal is to educate you so you can make informed decisions. If you are ready to move forward with breast enhancement surgery, we will schedule you for a preoperative visit where we will review the surgical plan in detail and give you information about preparation and recovery. If you want to think things over, you can opt for a second consultation, which is complimentary. Be assured that we do not consider your initial consultation as an opportunity for a sales pitch.  Rather, we see your visit as the setting for a key information exchange.  It is not just an educational experience; it is also the way for you to evaluate whether you and Dr. Makhlouf are a good match.  It is important to him to know that you trust him to do his best for you.  That is why most of your time here will be spent directly with Dr. Makhlouf.

Before and After Photos

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You are making an important decision and you deserve to take your time. Over the years, Dr. Makhlouf has worked with thousands of women planning breast enhancement in the Chicago area. If you would like to meet him, fill out our short contact form or call us at 847-297-8001.

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