Buttock Augmentation

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No matter what they call the procedure—Brazilian butt lift, BBL or buttock augmentation—there is no doubt that women are increasingly interested in enhancing their curves.  In fact, buttock augmentation is the fastest growing form of cosmetic surgery today.

Great results are not necessarily easy to get right the first time, however.  There are several factors involved in ensuring each patient is pleased with her new figure, including size, projection and symmetry.  That is why it is critical to choose a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive expertise with buttock augmentation.

Dr. Vincent Makhlouf has significant experience with the procedure and helps his patients gain the silhouette they have in mind.  Schedule time with him in Des Plaines or Chicago for a Brazilian butt lift consultation.  You will learn he has more than one surgical approach to offer, and you will hear what he can achieve for you.  Check out the before and after buttock augmentation images in our photo gallery to get an idea.

Candidates and Options

Your genetic makeup plus your weight determine the appearance of your rear.  Many patients express frustration that flat, boxy or small derrieres run in their family.  If you are one of them, you may be a good candidate for buttock augmentation.

Women who desire modest enhancement and have ample fat available in other locations may be eligible for fat transfer.  It is important to know that not all fat survives the process.  Dr. Makhlouf will give you his honest opinion about whether this route is a viable choice for you, explaining the procedure in detail.

Dr. Makhlouf also performs buttock augmentation for Chicago and Des Plaines area men and women with silicone implants made from a soft solid material.  Results feel natural and the approach is quite safe.  Dr. Makhlouf has designed and patented his own instruments that enable him to use larger implants than most plastic surgeons, so this strategy has the advantage of giving patients more ample curves.


Before deciding what the best procedure will be for you, it is important to first clarify the terms used in each of the different procedures that are being offered. Some of the main terminologies used in buttock augmentation are:  lower body lift, a back lift; brazilian butt lift or buttock augmentation, buttock augmentation or buttock enhancement.

Lower body lift usually refers to a procedure whereby an incision is made somewhere at the level of upper underwear line. The skin from the buttocks is elevated. This will result in excess skin. The excess skin is removed and the incision closed.

Back lift has a similar in incision but the goal is the removal of the redundant skin in the lower back rather than from the buttocks.

Brazilian butt lift or Brazilian buttock augmentation, usually refers to grafting large volume fat to the buttocks area.

In buttock augmentation or buttock enhancement, an implant is used to provide more fullness in the buttock area. The implant is made of an ultra-soft solid very different from the breast implants familiar to some.

Before and After Photos

buttock augmentation chicago

You are making an important decision and you deserve to take your time. Over the years, Dr. Makhlouf has worked with thousands of men and women planning buttock enhancement in the Chicago area. If you would like to meet him, fill out our short contact form or call us at 847-297-8001.

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