Meet Dr. Makhlouf

Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Knowledge and experience backed by other doctors

‘My mission as a cosmetic surgeon, aesthetic surgeon or plastic surgeon in Chicago is to mold your body and face as harmoniously as possible. To achieve this goal, I will give you a personalized consultation and help shape your goals to get the desired result. Many of my patients are my own colleagues (other doctors of Chicago), who in turn, have referred me to their relatives and friends in the Chicago area and suburbs. The support of my colleagues, the certification of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and satisfaction of my patients are my best guarantee of experience and professionalism.’

Medical Practice:

American University Hospital Internship – Surgery

Saint Joseph Hospital, Chicago, Illinois – General Surgery

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri

Working as a private physician since 1987


Certified By:

American Board of Plastic Surgery

Additional Training:

Added qualification in Hand Surgery


Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Illinois at Chicago


Physician and Surgeon in Illinois

Professional Affiliations:

American College of Surgeons

American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

International Society of Clinical Plastic Surgeons

The Midwestern Association of Plastic Surgeons

The Illinois Society of Plastic Surgeons

Chicago Society of Plastic Surgery


MVM Giving Award 2  MVM Giving Award1
Dr. Makhlouf giving awards to other physicians while serving as the president of the ISPS.
MVM Award from ISPS 2016    MVm Rcving Award

Dr. Makhlouf received the physician recognition award in 2016 by the ISPS.

Medical Mission

Dr. Makhlouf went on a medical mission to Roman a few years ago. 
The medical personnel travels to impoverished areas all over the world to provide free services.

Dr. Makhlouf with his loving family

Dr. Makhlouf with his beloved family.

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